So-Nique Arm Knitting/Crochet Bag Small Set


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Our So-Nique knitting bag is made from the highest quality 100% cotton quilting fabrics, lined with batting and cotton for longevity and comfort.

Each bag has 4 eyelets to thread the yarn through to avoid twisting of wool and ease of Colourwork. Hold the bag on your arm while walking around and carry on working. We include a key ring on one side to hold your stitch markers safely and in full view for decoration purposes, so you can walk around in style. We also include your first stitch marker and a beaded zip pull. We also add a key ring to hold your markers.

Also great as a general handbag, especially when shopping to avoid leaving it on the trolley.  Be safe and put onto your arm. It has a zipped pocket for notions and accessories or your purse and cellphone.  Fully washable.

This is for the pink Shwe Shwe set of 3 bags

Small size is 42 x 32cm



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