Craft Academy Binding Tutorial


Binding on quilts can make or break your quilt. There is such a variety of ways to

finish off your quilts and binding can be a spectacular feature.

Various options can include:

  • Basic Binding either single or double edge.
  • Straight Grain Binding
  • Cross Grain Binding
  • Bias Cut Binding
  • Flange edge Binding
  • Ric Rac Binding
  • Scrappy Binding
  • Zig Zag Machine Binding

Choosing a Width Binding

The width of your binding will vary depending on which method you will use to attach your binding, and what your preferred look is.

I myself prefer the look of a thicker binding. So I usually use a 2.5″ -3″ cut binding.

The width I am referring to is the cut width, which is the width of the strips you cut to create you binding.

How Much Fabric Is Needed for Grain Binding 

So once you calculate the length of binding you need, choose which method you are going to use, and choose the width of the binding we can then figure out how much fabric we will need.

If you are using Grain Binding than take your original number and divide it by the useable WOF. Most quilting cotton is 44″, so to give myself some room I use 40″.

Round up to the next whole number and that is the number of binding strips you need to cut.

EX. 195″/40″ = 4.875″ – you will need 5 Strips