English paper piecing madness

Personally I cannot believe that I have been addicted to the English Paper Piecing (EPP) craze for so long.  But then again La Passacaglia has taken over.

For those who do not understand you just need to do an Internet search to see the beautiful renditions of this quilt.  It really does not take as long as it appears because you are so keen to see how the next rosette turns out that it goes quickly.



La Passacaglia fever reigns on

Well when I initially saw the La Passacaglia quilt my natural instinct was to think.  Hmm, too much work, or will take too long.  But hey, it goes so quickly because you are so motivated to get done on one to start the mystery of the next one.  You see you never know how it turns out till you start it.  It seems to take on a life on its own.  Its become addictive.  Oh boy!  Here is my progress - now 3 rosettes done.  Also I am showing you the lovely quilt of Isabella Denham with her permission.  They are exquisite and we have all the templates in the shop. Willyne Hammerstein's 2 books are quite honestly the best investments you can make if you are an English paper piecing lover. Her EPP shapes and designs are most definitely the cream of the crop. Her variety and projects are unique.


La Passacaglia

The millefiori quilts are mind blowing and a stunning example of a masterpiece.  One need only google La Passacaglia to see the talent.

Yes, we too are addicted to EPP and the way you can create amazing designs that are truly unique.  Fussy cutting has allowed us to create our

own palette of colour and designs.  Our rosettes are coming along. Our group meets once a month but we share this with our Face Book group

called "English Paper Piecing Millefiori & Applique only".


A New Beginning

Today the 24th June marks the start of a new beginning for me and for Craft Academy.  A new website to showcase skills, talents, shop items and interaction with you our wonderful customers.  We hope we can meet your expectations and provide you with the service you deserve.  Please feel free to share with us.

Currently I am working on the infamous La Passacaglia by Willyne Hammerstein's Millefiori Quilts.  It is terribly addictive and very exciting.  I absolutely love handwork so english paper piecing comes naturally.  So far I am on the second rosette, but as a long term project it should be fun.  Anyone wanting to join in the craze, see our facebook page for updates too and general comments by others doing it.  We meet once a month at 6pm to share and motivate each other.

This is my first rosette.

I hope we can inspire you too.

Then to mark this occasion of our new website, don't forget to visit our home page and download your application form to our "Tiny Quilt Competition".  They will be displayed in February 2016 at GRG meeting.

Next week we are off to the wonderful Kearsney College to join all the awesome quilters from all over SA and we are taking our shop for the first time.  So looking forward to this event.

Looking forward to hearing from you all.