Community Development Centre Membership

Our development centre has one goal. Create friends in a network community concentrating on developing your skills and making money from them. Allowing your items to be loaded in an online presence.

Skills should be shared and funded. Local members can use our library with magazines and patterns for stimulation. External members will receive a pattern suggestion for flea market items.

Members will receive the following:

  1. Online marketing of your items on our website – a 25% fee for admin and payments will be charged, so price your items with this in mind. Once the order has been paid for online, the transaction will be sent to you for processing to the client. If local we can do on your behalf.
  2. Free Marketing of products on Facebook
  3. Selling of items in shop and markets if and when attending
  4. Quarterly free pattern
  5. Discount on loyalty lyoness card and get cashback on external purchases with other shops such as Toys R Us, Game, Dischem, Tiger wheel & Tyre and many more – ask for details
  6. Newsletter monthly
  7. First access to special offers and new products and classes
  8. Assistance with pricing items for resale
  9. Project support
  10. Jump the Queue = long arm for hire at a reduced rate of R80 per hour
  11. Free access to Craft Academy Friday project mornings once a month
  12. Access to Craft Academy books, magazines and dress making pattern library – have tea relax and browse
  13. Free access to Open Days and events
  14. Be on our database for making items on commission
  15. Receive periodic articles of interest i.e patterns or links or educational awareness


What we expect:

  1. Items of highest standard and quality for resale
  2. Pictures to be presented neatly, cropped and of high standard
  3. Honesty and Integrity
  4. Feedback and communication
  5. Product items to have labels carefully attached and neat
  6. Be careful to ensure no patterns and books are jeopardised in any way and cannot leave premises.
  7. Word of mouth marketing and referrals
  8. Come and enjoy
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Fabric Necklace ZAR 110,00 each
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Fabric Necklace ZAR 110,00 each
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